For the past two weeks, our cohort has mostly been working on our full-stack projects. When we’re not working on our projects, we’re either in lecture or whiteboarding. Because of the fully remote learning experience, it’s a bit different than the normal whiteboarding, which is typically done in person, on a whiteboard and expo marker,…

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3 Day Weekend, yaaaas!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! It’s Sunday, and while I love attending bootcamp, it is so nice to have an extra day this weekend to catch up, study and more importantly relax. I’m approaching Week 5 of bootcamp next week and I’ve learned an incredible amount so far. I am not a master at everything I’ve…

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Hi there, I’m Chantel!

Welcome to my first blog post (since graduating college)! I’m so excited to start blogging again. Growing up, I absolutely loved blogging on Xanga and rekindling old friendships through Blogrings – but more importantly, editing the HTML & CSS for the Look & Feel of my page! Fast forward to now — 20 years later,…

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