Hello friends! It has definitely been a while. Since graduating from coding bootcamp I’ve been working on a project that integrates Craigslist with Slack’s API. I’m excited to share that post coming soon! In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos of the vegetables I planted from March through July of this year. I had never gardened before, so I started off by buying a few potted Bonnie plants from Home Depot & Lowe’s, then a few seeds from Row 7 Seeds. Since August I’ve been growing a lot of vegetables from seeds (mostly Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds) which I look forward to sharing with you! Everything I’ve grown so far has been very pot/planter friendly.

Cubanelle Sweet Peppers by Bonnie plants! Not as sweet as your typical bell pepper.

And that’s the end of my first gardening blog post! One question I commonly get asked is if I use fertilizer. I only stick to natural fertilizer such as coffee grounds, tea leaves, and egg shells! I think these have all done my garden pretty well 🙂 Excited to share other things I’m planting in the next few weeks!

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2 replies on “Beginning my gardening journey during the pandemic

  1. Omg Chantel! Your garden is freaking amazing!!!! You have such a green thumb. I’m excited to see more posts about gardening on your blog. I would love to refer back to your posts when I start gardening.

    Also, I’m very excited about your project that integrates Craigslist with Slack’s API!

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