Happy Memorial Day weekend! It’s Sunday, and while I love attending bootcamp, it is so nice to have an extra day this weekend to catch up, study and more importantly relax. I’m approaching Week 5 of bootcamp next week and I’ve learned an incredible amount so far. I am not a master at everything I’ve learned so far (still have lots of catching up to do!), but overall the bootcamp has been an amazing learning experience for me. I’ve listed below a few things I’ve learned so far:

Shell, Git, GitHub, Functions(Python), Data Structures(Python), Collections(Python), Dictionaries(Python), Virtual Environments, Markov Chains, Classes(Python), HTML, CSS, Flask, Jinja2, Cookies/Sessions, APIs, Javascript, DOM Manipulation, Event Handling, Ajax, and React.

Pretty crazy, right? As I approach Week 5, I wanted to reflect on one of my favorite exercises of bootcamp so far using Discord! Yes, the communication application Discord!

This exercise consisted of creating a virtual environment and using it to install external Python libraries, and keeping those secrets hidden from Git and GitHub. One of our tasks was setting up a Bot and having it reply with text when certain keywords or phrases are mentioned. During this exercise I did come up with a few coding puns that I’d love to share with you.

All of our lab exercises consist of melons, so I made a melon bot!
Some Bruno for ya 😉
Git it!?

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